Monday, September 10, 2012

Life, as we know it

What is this life? You are born and then you die. Everything in between, is life. You smile, you laugh, you feel sad, you cry. You make mistakes, you learn, you grow. You make someone happy. You make someone angry. Somebody is upset with you, while somebody is just thankful for you. Some people inspire you, and some you loathe. People, they come and go. Some stay a little longer. Some promise to stay forever, but there is no forever. Everything has an end, and so do you. Relationships - Family, friends, enemies, strangers, acquaintances, lovers. You love, you hate. You care more than you should at times, and at times you don’t give a.... Some people make you what you are, and some change everything.

Everything changes. Your height, weight, age, looks, friends, clothes, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, hobbies, nothing remains the same forever. Whether you like it or not, change occurs all the time. You crib about it, blame your life. You don’t realize that all these changes is what makes you who you are. And that in turn is - your life. You say life is complicated. But if it weren’t, you say life is boring. Think again, is it your life that is boring or are you bored of your life? Is your life complicated or are you complicating your life?

Life, they say, is what you make it. Then make it worth living. You will be dead soon. You never know, it could be today, tomorrow, or a few years from now. And you will be nothing but a memory. Some will cry for you, for a few hours, days, weeks or months. But they will learn to move on. All those people you loved, they will miss you for sure. You will be remembered every now and then. But all that’s left of you, is your reminiscences. All those changes, those ups and downs are nothing but memories, good and bad. Everything you do today is a memory for tomorrow. So make sure you have no regrets when you look back. You are born and then you die. Everything in between, is just a memory. 

"What is the meaning of life? - Whatever you want it to be."

Stay with me a little bit longer

Here's a little something for my precious friends who have made it easier to survive life in SRM
Strangers to friends we became
So close in such a small span of time
A silent promise that we will remain
Pillars for each other, partners in crime

Each of you gave a different meaning to my life
So many memories that I will cherish forever
You’ve stood by me through every little strife
Please stay with me a little bit longer

Valya and Sravanthi, my first friends in SRM
I can’t imagine surviving the hostel without you two

From mid-night maggies to late-night stories
Chicken pickle, food court noodles, kurkure and bhel puri mix
Singing, dancing, screaming, we would forget all our worries
And why shouldn’t we? There wasn’t anything we three couldn’t fix

You laughed at my clumsiness but you pampered me the most
You helped me grow, you made me stronger
I changed my room for you and I’d do it again for sure
If only you would stay with me a little bit longer

Shagun Batra, what do I say?
Your senseless talks always brightens my day

We make plans like we’d take over the world
But execute none of them anyway
Our laziness matches with our craziness, girl
I’d blindly count on you any day 

This bench is empty without you, kameeni dhinchak
Talking, sleeping, eating, fighting, there’s nothing we haven’t done during class
But you’ve helped me in ways, words aren’t enough to thank
Common enemies, non-stop chattering, there’s no extreme left for us to cross

Great minds think alike, so true when it comes to us
Clothes, shoes, songs and blogs, and all the depressing thoughts we weather
I’ll do more nautanki, take more pictures of you and pose too if I must
If it’ll make you stay with me a little bit longer

Nivedita Saily, my travel buddy
For all the discoveries we make about MTC

So many silly and crazy things we do
We always end up as the noisiest two
From dogs to kites, from friends to foes
We talk about everything that we know

My mornings would be so boring if not for you
Thanks to all the chapad chapad we do,
I don’t mind getting scoldings from all kind of strangers
As long as you stay with me a little bit longer

My favourite victim, Aamir, Tinman, Timbaktu
There’s an endless list of the names I’ve kept for you

I’ve never met a more complicated person
Or anyone who lives with so much curiosity
I’ve tortured you so much without any reason
But you never, ever gave up on me

All those fights, with you, for you, each day
Moments I’ve wanted to strangle your neck
You’d always smile and say “theek hai"
And I’d be wondering, “what the heck!”

I can’t thank you enough for being there
Every time I needed you, my evil partner
And I promise to torture you for the rest of my life
If you promise to stay with me a little bit longer

My punching sack, my shoulder to cry on
Angu Dungu, there’s no one else I’d rather rely on

Each new day is like an adventure with you
Bike rides, silly fights, crazy memories we make each day
There’s so much you know and so much you do
Of all the friends who come and go, you’re the one I know will stay

You know the easiest ways to make me smile
You’re more than a friend to me, words are not enough to explain
You can be so sweet and so rude at the same time
At times you leave me so confused, I can’t even complain

I can never stay mad at you no matter how much I try
Coz I know we can make it all work when we’re together
Even if it were my last day and you were standing beside
All I’d want is for you to stay with me a little bit longer

There are so many more of you I haven't mentioned
But you mean no less, I just want to thank you all
For every little priceless memory we shared together
How I wish they lasted a little bit longer

opyright © Anushya Bernard 2009 (India; 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Not Mine"

I've got this feeling running through my head
Thoughts unspoken, building bridges in my brain
No one to listen, words remain unsaid
My voice is mute, only actions can be read
I speak without a tone and my heart bears the pain
The air I breathe inspires me to write
And I try to put my thoughts down on paper
A song, as it turns out, about darkness and light
Lyrics you don't understand, someone, somewhere might
So my mid grows calm now as my song gets over
Seven months have gone since I wrote my first song
Someone, somewhere might have picked it up from the trash
I barely remember the words, oh its been so long
But I remember the feeling that grew on me so strong
My song is on the radio, as my memories flash
My words now have music along with a voice
Chords on guitar, oh it sounds so fine
My feelings are sung out by all girls and boys
But I can never sing, can't even speak by choice
My words sound beautiful, but this voice is not mine.
Copyright © Anushya Bernard 2009 (India;

What Makes Me

Stranded in the dark for so long
Empty streets and broken bridges have been my path
Never knowing where do I belong
Lost and forgotten, trying to follow my heart

Strangers, they come and go
Friends and family promise to stay
The world below my feet, rotating so slow
Nothing changes, except night and day

Surviving each day, no purpose, no goal
Lifeless I lay, searching for a soul
A passion, a drive, something crazy
I need to figure out, what makes me, ME

At the end of the tunnel I see a light 
Still afraid of the steps I take in this path
A constant reminder, I'm not losing this fight
Against myself, I wont lose my heart

We rise then we fall, and then we rise again
Each morning we wake up to a brand new day
Face your fears, time always heals the pain
Where there is a will, there is a way, they say.

Copyright © Anushya Bernard 2009 (India; 

No One Just Like Me

I wake up in the morning
With a smile on my face
A sweet sadness in these eyes
But I walk out with grace

I’ve been down, been pushed around
But I’m not giving up
I’ll freak out, I’ll flip out
But I’m not breaking down

I breathe out to the ocean,
I sing out to the sea
There’s a whisper in the waves
That says “there’s no one just like me”

I walk to the broken bridge
And I laugh at the irony
There’s a carving in its cracks
That reads “there’s no one just like me”

I dream of my mother, holding her child
Blissful, the innocence, and the way that it feels
I smile, she smiles, there's a twinkle in her eyes
That says “there’s no one just like me”

I walk back home and I don’t feel so low
The girl in my mirror smiles at me
There’s a story in her smile
That reads “there’s no one just like me”

Her hair is always in a perfect mess
And she never wears the perfect dress
This girl, they say, has been through a lot
But this girl is everything they think she is not!

Copyright © Anushya Bernard 2009 (India;