Monday, September 10, 2012

Life, as we know it

What is this life? You are born and then you die. Everything in between, is life. You smile, you laugh, you feel sad, you cry. You make mistakes, you learn, you grow. You make someone happy. You make someone angry. Somebody is upset with you, while somebody is just thankful for you. Some people inspire you, and some you loathe. People, they come and go. Some stay a little longer. Some promise to stay forever, but there is no forever. Everything has an end, and so do you. Relationships - Family, friends, enemies, strangers, acquaintances, lovers. You love, you hate. You care more than you should at times, and at times you don’t give a.... Some people make you what you are, and some change everything.

Everything changes. Your height, weight, age, looks, friends, clothes, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, hobbies, nothing remains the same forever. Whether you like it or not, change occurs all the time. You crib about it, blame your life. You don’t realize that all these changes is what makes you who you are. And that in turn is - your life. You say life is complicated. But if it weren’t, you say life is boring. Think again, is it your life that is boring or are you bored of your life? Is your life complicated or are you complicating your life?

Life, they say, is what you make it. Then make it worth living. You will be dead soon. You never know, it could be today, tomorrow, or a few years from now. And you will be nothing but a memory. Some will cry for you, for a few hours, days, weeks or months. But they will learn to move on. All those people you loved, they will miss you for sure. You will be remembered every now and then. But all that’s left of you, is your reminiscences. All those changes, those ups and downs are nothing but memories, good and bad. Everything you do today is a memory for tomorrow. So make sure you have no regrets when you look back. You are born and then you die. Everything in between, is just a memory. 

"What is the meaning of life? - Whatever you want it to be."

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